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Cloudstaff Advancing its SEO expertise – Peepcon 3.0

It has been a public and widespread assumption that if it isn’t on the internet, then it might not really exist at all. This has paved the way for SEO becoming essential for every business — to be visible, to gain credibility and to grow.

PeepCon is known as the Philippines’ best search engine optimization (SEO) conference.  It gathers world-class speakers and marketing pros and provides a precious opportunity for businesses of all sizes and shapes to learn hardcore SEO techniques and search engine marketing (SEM) strategies.

The most recent conference, PeepCon 3.0, was jam-packed with notable foreign and local experts including Cyrus Shepard, Aleyda Solis, Rob Ousbey, Dana DiTomaso, Ruth Burr Reedy, Eric Van Buskirk, Jason Acidre, Sam Nam, Dean Chew and Jec Gonzales.

Our very own Cloudstaffers (Charmaine, Dianne, Paulo, Renz, and Czar) attended the event to take their SEO and SEM skills to the next level. Topics discussed included the status of SEO in 2018, on-page SEO, and increasing site engagements by improving loading speed and responding to visitors’ queries. There were also discussions about the importance of technical SEO, targeting your audience through the creation of appealing content, and a lot more about marketing trends for 2018. A panel discussion and a question and answer portion followed in the afternoon.

Needless to say, Cloudstaff believes that to provide a world-class service to its clients, it is highly important for staff to learn from world-renowned experts.


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