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Graphika Manila 2018: Creative minds united at SMX Convention Center

Design professionals and students have once again gathered, celebrating 13 years of inspiring creativity at Graphika Manila 2018. This two-day get-together of the most creative of minds was attended by our Creative Team, some interns, and other Cloudstaffers.

Graphika Manila is the Philippines’ biggest creative gathering and is hailed as one of the most influential events on design. Designing has been closely linked to technology but this conference mainly focused on its creative side.

Thousands of creatives were present at Graphika Manila 2018 which was held at the SMX Convention Center.  Cloudstaff was represented by our own Creative Team, their interns and some other engaged Cloudstaffers. It is the fourth year that they have taken part in this inspiring conference where they acquired a great deal of knowledge delivered by the most successful creatives from different parts of the world.  Since then, they have enjoyed overflowing creativity and been powerfully inspired.

Presenting at this year’s conference were twelve well-known personalities and entrepreneurs in the creative field. As well as delivering with different styles, and imparting knowledge, these speakers also told stories of how they started and how they became what they are today. They are a true inspiration to the audience because they share the same passion and they understand each other’s struggles.

According to Danielle Paul, Associate Graphic Designer of the Creative Team, the main takeaway from the conference is “Never give up on what you love. Keep striving because eventually, it will all pay off.” He also mentioned that the best thing he learned from the conference is the speakers’ mindset and the way they handle their clients — that you should incorporate creativity in everything you do. For instance, if your client’s budget is not enough for a project, you should not turn them down right away.  Instead, think of another way of doing the project within the client’s budget.

Graphika Manila heightened the audience’s enthusiasm for creativity and it left them with bountiful insights that are beneficial to their respective careers and clients. It is indeed about “inspiring creativity” and it was a great experience for our Cloudstaffers to have participated in this notable gathering.


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