CS Radio App

Non-stop Cloudstaff Radio craze

With Cloudstaff Radio, you will never miss your favorite songs! Thanks to the our in-house DJs and CS Radio App that allows you to access our very own radio station on your mobile phone.

Cloudstaff Radio is where our in-house DJs play songs of Cloudstaffers’ choice, hold mini competitions and disseminate information throughout the company. It comprises three substations.  “The Love Clinic” is for those who are feeling in love; “Urban Mix” for those who just want to chill; and “Rock Fest” for those who prefer wild, headbanging and intense music while at work.

Listening to Cloudstaff Radio is a perk that adds to our Cloudstaffers’ enjoyment of their time amongst performance of workloads and tasks. We see to it that the speakers are strategically and conveniently located.  Staff can listen anytime they want such as in the lobby, pantry, bathrooms and at staff workstations.

But now we want to extend the Cloudstaff Radio craze.  Through the Cloudstaff Radio mobile application you can still tune in live, even when away from the Cloudstaff site.

Our talented and skilled app developers recently created an improved version of the application. It is now more user-friendly with a better design and additional features.

The new Cloudstaff Radio app supports shout-out messages. If you want to greet your family and friends on their special day, make sure that they also have the app on their phones.  Then simply message the DJ by tapping the speech bubble icon between the like and dislike buttons.

This “Message the DJ” feature also allows you to request songs, so aside from just listening to what is currently playing, you can also choose the songs you want to hear. Isn’t it great to know that it’s interactive?

Listen to Cloudstaff Radio anytime and anywhere with the newest Cloudstaff Radio app; now available from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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