A Tour For Their Future!

A jumble of fear, pangs of regret, and sprinkles of nervousness, with a side of excitement and expectation is what the graduating students are feeling now that their graduation is just right around the corner.

Actually, all of us have gone through this feeling; we’ve been through the same situation. It’s funny how we all start from the same beginnings but end up in completely different places in life.

Cloudstaff have its own special way to help these graduating students to be prepared for their future career, we conducted another free tour and workshop with the help of our Team Champs and Team Leaders. This time, it’s the turn of University of Assumption Senior Highschool graduating students to visit our offices. As their “Ates” and “Kuyas”, it’s our responsibility to guide them, provide a sneak peek of the real world, and to lessen the anxiety they are feeling for the change that is about to happen in their lives. It is important for them to learn to keep their heads up before they can dive in to their future.

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