BPO Acquisition and Partnership Opportunities

A growing BPO has its own unique set of challenges that a typical business does not experience.

There is the ongoing challenge of managing staff on multiple shifts in different locations, working with international customers, complying with local labour and business regulations and dealing with differences in culture. But by far, the greatest challenge is scalability. A BPO has to be able to accommodate the growth of their customers in a timely manner or both companies will stall.

A customer who switched from another outsourcing provider to Cloudstaff commented: “Your BPO’s growing pains are your growing pains.

If your BPO is experiencing growing pains, your offshore staff are the first affected. This can result in a cascade of problems that reduces productivity, destroys morale and may result in the loss of precious domain knowledge.

Cloudstaff solves these problems with our technology platform and our two family strategy. Our technology platform is built and maintained by a team of almost 100 Developers, QA testers and Business Analysts. This platform is responsible for reporting, communication, monitoring and many HR functions. When combined with Cloudstaff’s unique corporate culture, these systems contribute to an outsourcing solution that you can have complete confidence in.

Wholesale Partnership Opportunities

Cloudstaff offers a BPO wholesale program that is just like running your own BPO, but without any of the operational and management headaches. We take care of all the backend BPO operational tasks and let you focus on your customers and growing your business. We manage  recruitment, staff retention, human resources, payroll, holidays and leave, overtime, internet, office support, disaster recovery, core reporting and security. You can provide premium outsourcing services while maintaining full control of your offshore staff and customers – without the complexity that comes with running a modern BPO.


Once a BPO starts to experience scalability issues, it is often too late to recover. If a BPO is having trouble scaling with the needs of its customers or simply wants to pivot, Cloudstaff can acquire the business. In an acquisition, we take ownership of the BPO’s staff and customers.  We can even work with the BPO to come to an mutually beneficial agreement that provides a recurring income stream. It is a seamless transition for the customers and staff of the BPO, and it leverages Cloudstaff’s scalability and experience to deliver better outsourcing solutions for their customers.

SaS Partnership

If a customer has a SaS offering we can help with that too. We can develop a framework and pre-train staff to create a pool of talent which can be accessed on demand. This dramatically reduces the time it takes to ramp-up productivity and gives customers the ability to deliver streamlined, efficient outsourcing on the Cloudstaff platform with full access to the Cloudstaff application ecosystem.

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