Why industry events are important to Cloudstaff

Two of the biggest industry conferences in the Philippines were held recently, and Cloudstaff was there to meet the top accountants and developers in the country.

Cloudstaff targets the top 5% of talent, so gatherings like PICPA and DEVCON are great places to meet future Cloudstaffers. We invest a lot of time recruiting the very best staff. Initially, we thought we did this just for our customers, but over time we noticed something interesting: “Great staff attract great customers, who attract great staff”.

DEVCON is the largest developer conference in the Philippines, uniting the entire development community. It aims to promote the many talented Filipino developers and establish the Philippines as the next global IT hub.

Cloudstaff is widely-known as a really great place to work. We had over five hundred attendees come and talk to our career advisors about future opportunities. We always take a heap of giveaways and some great prizes. This year, a lucky student from the University of San Carlos won a brand new iPad.

PICPA is an event for Certified Public Accountants from all over the Philippines. It focuses on the latest industry developments, collaboration, and networking within the field. The event targets professionals in the finance industry, including CFOs, financial controllers, international accountants, educators, and accountants from the government sector.

Almost a thousand attendees dropped by our booth to discuss career opportunities. And, of course, we put up more giveaways and prizes—including an Apple iPad.

Last year, we gave away an amazing holiday to a lucky winner, and she was there again this year. She excitedly came up to our booth and shared her holiday experience—we really enjoyed hearing her stories.

Cloudstaff is fully committed to events like DEVCON and PICPA because they provide an avenue for continuous advancement of professionals in their respective industries and are positioning the Philippines as a global powerhouse for IT and accountancy.

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