CS Cares Munting Tahanan

Why We Need Outreach Programs

In these times, people are just too busy for their own good. One area that is often overlooked is each individual’s social responsibility.

Though there is no clear-cut definition of what social responsibility is, it can be defined as “the duty of each individual to act for the benefit of the society as a whole” or simply, “the act of giving to the less fortunate”.

Studies have shown that giving and participating in outreach programs increases the chances of living longer. Why is that? Through giving and volunteering, the act alleviates stress and helps manage stress levels. This also makes the person more socially active, which beats lying on your bed or sitting at your couch the whole day.

Not only are there emotional benefits, but the physical benefits are worth the effort. Relief from chronic pain, freedom from depression, and positive behaviour are also associated as benefits of volunteerism and outreach programs.

Volunteers achieve the sense of pride and fulfillment when they get to see happiness and appreciation of the beneficiary, and that is the most wonderful thing they could get in exchange of their time and effort. For the religious, this is a fulfillment of the passages in the bible regarding giving. Passages from Proverbs 11:25 and Luke 6:30 are just a few examples of God’s commands.

Another point why it is important to participate in volunteerism or outreach programs is that it creates a chain reaction of good things or good karma. This simple act of kindness and good deeds may have a larger impact on our society than we initially thought – it may create a ripple effect of kindness.

Cloudstaff Philippines, Inc. launched its own outreach organization which is the Cloudstaff Cares Club or better known as CS Cares, almost 50 members/volunteers from different departments and different work locations unites to reach out to the less fortunate and needy. CS Cares goes out their way to sincerely fulfill Cloudstaff’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Started in May of 2015, the CS Cares Club was organized as an avenue to reach out to the needy and the less fortunate. The CS Cares Club outreach programs allows members to participate in events like feeding programs, visiting and donating to orphanages and shelters, etc. They also help out their fellow Cloudstaffers in times of dire financial need through the “Pass the Hat” initiative. They initiate fund raising activities which help the club raise the financial resources for their programs and activities.

The CS Cares Club also encourages non-members to participate by making a donation in cash or in kind through various fundraising programs. Last December 2016, the club organized a Pre-Christmas Bazaar where they were able to raise funds for the upcoming projects of the club. Donations are sourced exclusively from the company employees as the organization would like to encourage all Cloudstaffers to participate in the act of giving.

Other companies have organizations similar to Cloudstaff’s CS Cares Club which continuously promote corporate social responsibility. Hotels, BPOs and other multinational companies are embracing the chance to make a change and help the needy and less fortunate.

The officers of the CS Cares Club are currently planning more programs for 2017. In the coming months, the club will conduct the 2nd year of the CS Cares Blood Drive in coordination with the Philippine Red Cross. Last year’s activity was participated by almost 100 Cloudstaff employees. This year, the officers and members of the club will push for more participants as they are targeting more than 100 bags of donated blood.

Quoting Anne Frank, “No one has ever become poor from giving”, this is one saying that is very dear to the members of the CS Cares Club. Despite the busy schedule, different departments and work locations, they all still meet, get together and become one family in their willingness to HELP.

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