Pet Club meet up

Paws up!

Cloudstaff is not only awesome for people like our Cloudstaffers; now we also welcome their adorable pets to the family through a club specially formed for those who are fond of furbabies.

The joy that our dogs make us feel when they greet us with a wagging tail as we come home, the warmth that our cats give us when they curl up and sleep beside us during the night, and their everlasting love that makes our hearts full, are the reasons why Cloudstaff Pet Club was formed.

Pet parents and pet lovers recently united for the club’s first meeting in Velvet Lounge which was also attended by a very charming guest, Toffee, our CIO’s pet dog. They took this opportunity to finalize the club’s logo and now wait only for Toffee’s approval on the club’s official name.

The club’s objective is to organize activities for their furry friends where they can meet and have fun with their fellow Cloudstaffer pets. The members also aim to learn more from each other about pets and how to take better care of them. Planned activities of the club include Grand Pet Meet, Pet Care Seminar with Royal Canin, and Vet Talk.

According to Cecilia, one of the members of the newly formed club, “It was fun getting to know Cloudstaffers who have big hearts for animals.” Indeed! And it is so much better to have some people with whom to share the cute moments of our lovable pets.

Cloudstaff is a family-friendly workplace, and when we say “family”, pets are counted in!

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