Ensuring Business Continuity When Outsourcing

Natural disasters and business disruptions can happen at any time. Does your outsourcing partner provide you with strong business continuity plans that help you continue your operations even in the event of a natural disaster? 

Business continuity with disaster recovery solutions

No one is immune to the wrath of mother nature. Buildings and equipment that are used for daily operations will likely suffer significant damages if a catastrophe is destructive enough. If your business is affected by a natural disaster, can you easily get back on track or will you be left to helplessly endure the aftermath?

Experiencing a natural disaster is a reminder of the value and importance that every business owner should place on backup planning. While you always hope you’ll never have the need to use it, you must recognize that proper planning pays off in spades if you do. 

Time is money. Prolonged downtime can result in significant impacts to business profitability. Without comprehensive disaster recovery plans, you’re leaving people in a state of confusion rather than getting everyone on the same page.

Formulating your business’ disaster recovery plan (DRP) can be costly, but neglecting it could cost you much more. Not having a DRP may put your company at risk of financial loss and reputation damage. Moreover, clients may not be lenient when it comes to business failures and delays of service.

The Cloudstaff difference

Cloudstaff has comprehensive Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans in place. In the event of a disaster, we can ensure that staff are safe and services can be restored quickly.

Additionally, Cloudstaff has N+1 power, connectivity and environment systems as standard in all offices to maximize uptime.

While there can still be issues that may affect the delivery of time-critical tasks, in the event of catastrophic failure, staff can be quickly relocated to nearby unaffected Cloudstaff buildings in a matter of hours, ensuring minimal downtime.

Our disaster recovery plan doesn’t make us impervious to mishaps, but it does allow us to mitigate risk and reduce downtime to continue servicing the needs of our valued clients.

Outsourcing with Cloudstaff

Business disruptions shouldn’t stress your business. With a talent pool featuring thousands of qualified candidates and comprehensive business continuity strategies, we have what you need to achieve success.

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