Customer service is more than just transactions, it’s about human experience

Customer service is more than just transactions, it’s about human experience

Let’s face it, it’s not easy to deliver seamless customer service. You don’t even know who you’re going to deal with from day to day. But ultimately, customer service all comes down to what kind of experience you give to people.

No matter how amazing your customer service agents are, you can’t predict the mood of every customer. Some may be appreciative while some can be extremely frustrated, but what’s important is to recognise the fact that they are all human, thus, they all have feelings.

Every customer wants to feel valued and respected. After all, they have taken the time to engage with your product or service.

For customer service agents, it’s necessary to have the right skill set to deliver smooth transactions, as well as a pleasing customer experience.

The skills that every customer service agent must have


    • Direct communication

It’s very important for customers to have their questions answered. If your customer service agents tend to lose focus or speaks around a question without answering it, your customers will be left unsatisfied. Hire people with great communication skills. It also helps to hire people with a knack for small talk and those who can easily strike up a conversation.

    • Persuasiveness

Often, the most persuasive speakers in the company are salespeople. But it’s not only when you’re selling your products or services that your staff need to be persuasive. This is also a vital skill for your customer service agents. See to it that they remain confident and positive even in the midst of an argument. Learning how to turn problems into solutions is a great way to gain loyal customers.

    • Mastery of positive language

Customers often reach out whenever they encounter problems. As such, customer service agents need to remain calm and positive no matter how angry or frustrated the customers are. Direct the conservation using positive language. Focus on solutions instead of problems. Don’t forget to commend your customers for being patient and understanding. 

    • Empathy

People often become loyal customers to businesses who treat them right. Sometimes, it’s not really about the issues or whether they have been solved. Customer service is about being able to empathize with people. If you’re able to have one-on-one interactions with your customers, take advantage of it to show empathy.

    • Patience and self-control

You’ll never know what the emotional state of your next customer will be. You might speak with an irritated person at first and then face a troubled one the next. But whatever it is that they’re feeling, your agents must have patience and self-control. Take time to know what they really need or want. Stay positive and professional. You don’t want to lose customers just because you weren’t able to handle the situation well.

    • Sense of responsibility

It’s not just about offering solutions but also how you solve a customer’s problem. Your staff must be able to take responsibility in caring for your customers. They need to handle inquiries without transferring customers from one supervisor to another. Accept any mistakes from your company’s end and fix them. What’s more important is for your customers to stay with you for the long haul.

    • Active listening

One of the first things you can do is to train your staff how to truly listen. Customers feel respected when they know that company representatives listen to their problems. It’s not just about answering the call but trying to understand their issues and concerns. You can try repeating and clarifying the issue they’ve raised to let them know that you’re hearing them well.

    • Mindfulness

Be present and pay full attention when customers reach out to you. Figure out what your customers are really trying to say. If you’re not engaged in the conversation, your customers might leave and opt for better services from another company. You don’t have to strictly follow the script when talking to customers. They can simply serve as your guidelines to establish a pleasant conversation.

    • Knowledge

As a customer service agent, you need to know the basic things about the business. Being up-to-date is the only way for you to be able to answer and find solutions for customer queries. It’s also a great opportunity for you to boost your sales. If your agents don’t know the answer to some questions, allow them to admit it and find ways to provide solutions.

    • Good time management

It’s easy to get distracted and irritated when there are many things happening. You can even be tempted to let the phone ring before finally picking it up. But this is bad for any business. Customers will be quick to give up on their purchase or find another business partner who can respond to them faster. A quick response should be your priority. 

Delivering an excellent customer service with Cloudstaff

Whether your business is large or small, great customer service is essential. Building your team and empowering them will help you grow your company. You’ll be able to attract new customers and keep the loyal ones.

Many companies think they can’t afford the resources they need to provide great customer service. But what they fail to take into account is the recurring value of customer retention and referrals.

Cloudstaff has customer-focused staff who can complement your existing sales and retention processes. We provide skilled customer service agents to help with a wide variety of tasks. These include customer experience, issue resolution and business development.

Our customers experience larger and more significant gains–with increased flexibility and additional expertise. By outsourcing, you can maximise your time and resources to drive your business forward.

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