Cloudstaff's New Office in Pampanga

Cloudstaff announces eighth office in the Philippines

Cloudstaff has officially announced its eighth office in the Philippines. Located in Pampanga (80km north of Manila), the new office space will help the company meet the strong demand for its outsourcing services.

In line with the company’s office selection criteria, the new office space is located close to education facilities, amenities for staff and residential centers. All Cloudstaff offices are positioned to reduce staff travel times, reduce environmental risks and deliver high levels of security. Cloudstaff offices are designed to be a part of the Cloudstaff DR network, with hot, warm and cold seating allocations.

“Our rapid growth is driven by the strong demand for our outsourcing solutions from both existing and new customers. This is a great reflection of the quality of the services we offer. Our ability to scale so quickly is a testimony to the design of our systems – scalability is in our DNA. Our systems are incredibly flexible and very powerful. We know where all our staff are at all times, and we can even shut down an office and dynamically relocate staff to new locations very rapidly.”

Lloyd Ernst, Cloudstaff CEO.

The new office space (approximately 4200m2) is rated Class A, and will be fitted out in line with Cloudstaff’s work-life balance vision. As with our other offices, the new space will be secure, modern and fully featured. It will include relaxation and entertainment areas, nurses’ station, canteen and a range of customer suites designed to maximise productivity.

The facility will also host Cloudstaff’s newest 24×7 Network Operations and Communications center (NOCC). Cloudstaff NOCCs provide round-the-clock support for staff and customers as well as monitoring network performance and services. It will also be the new home of Cloudstaff’s radio studio, which broadcasts to all Cloudstaff offices. Cloudstaff Radio stations (a part of the Cloudstaff Communication Platform) help keep staff up-to-date by providing the latest news, event information and entertainment.

The new office will complement and extend Cloudstaff’s existing flagship facility at SM Clark (3200m2). Staff are expected to be working from the new facilities within four weeks.

While the new office space is a welcomed addition to Cloudstaff’s operational footprint in the Philippines, the company’s strong growth and the positive change in the outsourcing climate have already got Cloudstaff’s Facility Group looking for the next Cloudstaff office location to meet the demand.

About Cloudstaff
Cloudstaff is a leading provider of outsourcing solutions. Cloudstaff combines innovative technologies, “best-match” recruiting and modern work environments to provide offshore workforces that seamlessly integrate into customers’ existing company structures and workflows.

Cloudstaff passionately embraces technology to deliver next-generation outsourcing solutions that provide incredible scalability (in both sizes and capabilities), tighter workforce integrations, better team collaboration, higher rates of efficiency and detailed reporting.

Cloudstaff is committed to delivering world-class outsourcing solutions and the highest levels of customer satisfaction, while providing an enjoyable, family-friendly workplace that encourages personal and professional growth for staff. Cloudstaff aims to be a responsible corporate citizen and provides support for the community through its outreach and environmental programs.

Cloudstaff is an Australian-owned company with operation centers in the Philippines and China. Cloudstaff has offices in the USA, UK, Australia and Asia.

“Our innovation, our technology and our great people are the key to successful outsourcing”.

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