9 professionals in formal attire standing in front of HR Asia Awards tarp; 7 men, 2 women. The man in the middle is holding a trophy. They're holding up their index finger to show that Cloudstaff is the winner of Best Workplace and the #1 Workplace.

Cloudstaff wins HR Asia Best Places to Work award for the for the third time, and also takes home HR Asia Digital Transformation Award reflective of its commitment to remote working productivity tech

[Angeles City, 09/06/2023] – Cloudstaff, a global remote staffing provider serving customers in 34 countries, has been announced as a winner in the Business Media International’s HR Asia Best Places to Work in Asia 2023

Cloudstaff received the HR Asia Best Places to Work in Asia award, marking Cloudstaff’s’ third time winning this recognition. “Unlike many in the outsourcing and offshoring industries, Cloudstaff has a unique parallel approach” said Lloyd Ernst, CEO of Cloudstaff. “First we match the best professional services talent to the needs and culture of our customers. In parallel we invest in the Cloudstaff Community – from great benefits to the more creative ways we build community such as the weekly interactive Cloudstaff TV update, Dreampoints that reward employees for participation, and the best social clubs and events in the market. We look at our global locations as an extended international operation of our customers and treat our staff as they would. This fosters the hardworking, loyal, and passionate team Cloudstaff is known for. The power of our community model is reflected in great productivity, leading market retention and 500k candidates are registered with Cloudstaff providing immediate access to fantastic talent.

In addition to the Best Places to Work in Asia, Cloudstaff was also recognized with winning the HR Asia Digital Transformation Award, which underscores the long standing commitment to harnessing the power of cloud-based workplaces. Tevis Paget, CTO of Cloudstaff said “We are in the midst of a talent revolution. The ways people work have changed forever and Cloudstaff has built and continues to invest in technology across the global staffing lifecycle – from AI technology to match the best staff to the right businesses, to our Cloudstaff apps that simplify the process of managing, communicating and getting visibility into remote staff work, to productivity tech that augments the work we do everyday. Great technology for our customers is reflected in an app-centric approach to our internal Cloudstaff community – from our rewards app to tools that keep our staff informed and safe we are constantly looking for ways to innovate.”

About Cloudstaff

Cloudstaff has pioneered the global remote staffing industry, helping innovative companies in the United States, Australia, and beyond find the best talent. For over 15 years, Cloudstaff has worked with its customers to select professional services talent with expertise in accounting, real estate, tourism and travel, software development, customer service, sales, and marketing. 

With cutting-edge productivity technology and a people-first culture, Cloudstaff can supercharge your business. By investing in hard working, loyal team members, businesses everywhere are discovering the true power of global remote staffing. This is cloudstaff.com. This is the Talent Revolution.

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