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Cloudstaff Vault now PCI DSS certified

Philippine-based outsourcing firm, Cloudstaff, announced today that it has received its PCI compliance certificate for its secure Cloudstaff Vault facility.

To ensure the safe handling of information and to protect customers against identity theft, the credit card industry developed the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) in 2006.

Cloudstaff CEO, Lloyd Ernst, said that the consequences and potential impact to a business of a data breach mean PCI DSS compliance is a must-have.

“While achieving PCI DSS compliance with a BPO may at first appear challenging, Cloudstaff reaching Certificate of Compliance status makes the process easier for businesses outsourcing to the Philippines to achieve their own PCI DSS compliance.

“Globally, both the payment card industry and governments are making it mandatory for businesses to put secured systems in place to protect customer data. This is why Cloudstaff took the extraordinary step of building the Cloudstaff Vault in order to meet the PCI DSS requirements of its clients. We have also obtained a Certificate of Compliance in order to simplify the end-to-end process for clients seeking their own PCI DSS certification for their outsourced transaction processing.”

Mr Ernst said that Cloudstaff’s human resource processes and information technology had already been audited and are now certified to dovetail into their clients’ other compliance requirements.

“The financial services industry’s ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) procedures also benefit from PCI DSS certification because it meets privacy and data security rules as well,” Mr Ernst said.

“Security should be the priority of every business. Security and data breach risks are everywhere.

“When exploring your outsourcing options, it is essential to choose an outsourcing partner with the technical experience and human resources required. A partner who holds a genuine concern for the safety of its clients’ data,” Mr Ernst said.

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