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Demand for outsourcing continues as Cloudstaff premises sell out in record time

Demand for next-generation outsourcing services in the Philippines continues to grow as Cloudstaff announces that its recently opened CRK08 office facility is now fully sold.

Cloudstaff opened its 450-seat CRK08 facility, located within the SM Mall precinct of Metro Clark in November of 2018. Just nine weeks later, it has announced that the office is now fully occupied.

Cloudstaff CEO, Lloyd Ernst, said that the new CRK08 facility sold out in record time.

Mr Ernst said, “The premium offering resonates with customers.

“We are, of course, delighted to be a fast-growing business that continues to meet the outsourcing requirements of our small to medium enterprises clients in Australia, the USA and UK,” Mr Ernst added.

“Mr Ernst said that one of the secrets to Cloudstaff’s success had been the strategic placement of its office premises near local transport hubs and the support and features offered to customers.

Placing high-quality offices near the local transport hubs ensures an easier and faster commute for staff to get to and from work each day,” he said.

CRK08 offers a range of innovative features for customers and staff, including:

  • Multi-site disaster recovery options
  • First Class Lounge for customers
  • The Cabin Sleeper rest area for staff working night shift
  • One-touch support for fast technical response
  • Games area
  • Childminding room
  • Access to 2,500 Mbps of internet connection
  • Access to Telstra internet
  • Electronic meeting rooms

“Our overall growth as a business and the rapid occupancy of the CRK08 building is a testament that we are an employer of choice. We attract the very best candidates which in turn helps to attract great clients,” Mr Ernst said.

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Cloudstaff is a leading provider of outsourcing solutions. Cloudstaff combines innovative technologies, “best-match” recruiting and modern work environments to provide offshore workforces that seamlessly integrate into customers’ existing company structures and workflows.

Cloudstaff passionately embraces technology to deliver next-generation outsourcing solutions that provide incredible scalability (in both sizes and capabilities), tighter workforce integrations, better team collaboration, higher rates of efficiency and detailed reporting.

Cloudstaff is committed to delivering world-class outsourcing solutions and the highest levels of customer satisfaction, while providing an enjoyable, family-friendly workplace that encourages personal and professional growth for staff. Cloudstaff aims to be a responsible corporate citizen and provides support for the community through its outreach and environmental programs.

Cloudstaff is an Australian-owned company with operation centers in the Philippines and China. Cloudstaff has offices in the USA, UK, Australia and Asia.

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