CS Shutterbugs Photowalk

CS Shutterbugs “Life In a Lens” Photowalk Project

Traveling changes your life, and so do pictures. The inspiration you get from one image to another can have a significant impact on your overall perspective and this exact thing recently happened to our Cloudstaff Shutterbugs.

The CS Shutterbugs had its first outdoor activity, which they called the Photowalk, around the mesmerizing city of Angeles. They took photographs around the picturesque area and of some of the most intricate details of the heritage vicinity. According to EdralynB, “It was really a time well spent.”

The group savoured every point and portion of the city including the neighbourhood’s tiniest flowers blooming. The pictures they took gave not only them but also the viewers another way to look at the charm of Angeles City. A familiar view for most of them became an entertaining and fascinating sight to behold as they looked at the images.

But more than the view and the appetizing food they had, it was the time they shared that made the activity even more special. “My heart is full,” EdralynB added. It was a great day for all of the club members.

We at Cloudstaff along with the CS Shutterbugs absolutely understand that when you go out to see the world, you experience the fullness of life.


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