How time zones are useful in outsourcing

> How time zones are useful in outsourcing

How time zones are useful in outsourcing

A business’s most important resource is not money; it is not the sole influencer of business profitability. Time is a more valuable element both in business and in our personal lives. It’s something we can never get back once gone, so we need to use it properly.

Businesses usually consider outsourcing for cost savings and increased organisational efficiency. The Philippines is a popular destination for outsourcing services because of its skilled workforce.

When business owners outsource, the common issues are differences in culture and language. These are not a problem in the Philippines because of the commonality between Filipino and Western culture. Others purposively consider the Philippines because of its time zone—they understand that appropriate utilisation of time results in faster work completion.

Output delivery is usually impossible if tasks are given hours before the end of a shift or beyond regular working hours. Your team are already out of the office and are enjoying their time off work. But if you are outsourcing work to a country with a different time zone, work delivery would always be a possibility. You surely can get tasks done without burdening your in-house staff to do overtime work.

Working with a remote team in another time zone can actually give you a competitive advantage. You can make the most out of your time and work around projects faster. When you finish tasks faster, it keeps your clients happy. You are also able to exceed their expectations.

With increased productivity and good customer feedback, it can further mean taking on more clients. Through outsourcing, your turnaround time speeds up and your business operations can run smoothly.

The advantages of outsourcing outweigh the challenges—there is no need to worry about these as you go along. There are a lot of proven gains when it comes to simultaneous collaboration in the workplace. These further drive numerous businesses to outsource work in the Philippines and synchronise their operations to meet their targets.

Cloudstaff’s technology and advanced tools make collaboration easy and encourage open communication between international and local teams. Our custom technology and application ecosystem have been built specifically for the outsourcing industry to promote seamless integration into your existing workforce. Your business also has the advantage of providing 24/7 service to your clients.

Cloudstaff assists industries towards growth. The most important benefit of outsourcing, aside from being able to do a lot more, is having the time to develop and expand your business even more.