First Cloudstaffer in Romania

Ralph, SEO Specialist II of Mi-Pay account was sent by his client to Romania for an uptraining and to enjoy the nice and scenic views of the country.

It is evident that RalphL really enjoyed his visit to Romania as he delightfully shared his splendid Romania experience.

“Travel to Romania was an exquisite one. Though the 14-hour flight which almost sapped my energy, the top view of Bucharest replenished my strength. More when plane touched down Henri Coanda International Airport.

Alex Aaron, one of the Account Executives of Mi-Pay who became my Good Samaritan during my whole stay in Romania, picked me up at the airport and had another 4-hour drive. Along the way, we had a sumptuous traditional Romanian lunch at Brasov — a city where we fleetingly admired colorfully painted and ornately trimmed baroque structures.

Romania’s landscape kept me awake the whole time and arrived at Vila Fortuna half past six in the evening.

Again, dinner was delightful. I had the opportunity to dine with Sibiu and UK executives at Hermania. Sharing stories of my short travel with them — Alex, Cipi, Radu, Dik Langan, and Mike Mckenna.

Following days were filled with colleague meetings and training sessions. During the weekend, I had the luxury of enjoying the scenery. We visited Bran (Dracula’s) Castle and Rasnov Citadel — the only unconquered castle in Romania. Rows and rows of regal ruins of former palaces adjacent minimalist new office buildings. The greens of the mountains have been unexplored. So natural that it gives off stillness and freshness in the air.

My last few days in Romania was a family dinner with Alex’s mother and a farewell treat of pizza from Sibiu office. I said, ‘No farewell but see you again soon’. There was never a dull moment.”

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