Should you care about the working conditions of your offshore team?

Business owners are responsible for ensuring that the working conditions of their employees are safe and conducive to encourage creativity, efficiency, and increase productivity. But what about your outsourced staff? Are you still accountable for ensuring that your offshore team members are working under decent conditions?

The short answer is, yes. Workplace conditions have a direct effect on your staff members and their work output. Thinking carefully about your workspace and making certain that your business meets the suitable standards is one of your major responsibilities. 

Outsourcing providers come in all shapes and sizes. When you choose who to partner with, the quality of the facilities that they provide for your staff should be one of the most important factors to consider. 

The overall work environment impacts staff engagement, and if your staff are subjected to poor working conditions, they are likely to display low levels of engagement. This can result in decreased productivity, delayed projects, and high staff turnover rates. 

To ensure that you get the most out of your outsourcing experience, here are a few things to consider about the working environment of your outsourced staff.  

Strategic location

The Philippines has become one of the top offshoring destinations in Asia because of its many great attributes, but it also has some pitfalls like dealing with traffic congestion. This means that sometimes, even a short trip can take hours. 

It’s important to consider your staff’s travel time and their means of transport as these will have a major impact on their attendance and work performance. When choosing a provider, make sure that you ask about transport options available in the area and look into how far away your staff live. 

At Cloudstaff, we have located all our office facilities near major residential areas and close to transport hubs. This means less hassle for your staff, fewer late starts, and higher staff retention—all of which are good for your business. 

Modern workspaces

The physical space where employees work influences their overall experience. Do they get energized? Do they feel excited? 

The workplace serves as their second home which is why it’s beneficial to invest in resources to create an environment with the necessary tools they need to perform their jobs well. A place with safe working conditions, where they feel more engaged, happy, productive, and healthy will have its lasting effect on the whole organization.                                                                                                                              

As part of our strategy in building the number one workplace in the Philippines, we make sure that our workspaces are modern and secure with biometric and swipe card access, CCTV and manned security stations. Additionally, we ensure that we have redundant power and connectivity sources for continued operations. 

Healthcare and wellness practices

On top of the competitive salaries, employees in the Philippines are very much attracted to the benefit package offerings of companies. Employers usually offer premium medical benefits to ensure a happy and healthy workforce. 

Cloudstaff has in-house nurses and doctors situated in every building to provide immediate medical care. We also have partnerships with health maintenance organizations (HMOs) to provide assistance and medical support to our staff.  

Having healthier employees is related to increased productivity. It then enables companies to set out on new business opportunities. 

Great culture

How you treat your employees says a lot about your company. Treating employees like family helps develop loyalty and promote respect. People are the greatest assets of an organization and employers have the responsibility of taking good care of them. 

When staff are well taken care of, it often reflects in the work that they do. They are able to become more productive and efficient, producing high-quality outputs for their customers. When they feel respected and appreciated, it makes them even more passionate about their jobs.  

Cloudstaff has an inclusive culture evident in all aspects of the organization. Everyone deserves respect and every staff member is a valuable part of the company. We want our staff to feel like family and we recognize their efforts and provide them with a rewarding career. 

Why outsource with Cloudstaff?

Outsourcing with Cloudstaff is like flying first class—all Cloudstaff offices give you and your staff the premium experience.

From first-class business lounges, private business suites to recreation areas, our workplace environments are designed to help staff thrive and where our customers can be proud to show the high-end infrastructures to their clients and investors.  

Cloudstaff combines the right staff, the best technology, and world-class facilities to deliver smarter outsourcing solutions that can help you grow your business.

To learn more about the Cloudstaff difference, speak to one of our industry experts today.

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