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Are your outsourced accountants ready for all seasons?

Google searches for “accountants” reach their peak during tax season, but frankly, you can get the most out of your investments when you hire outsourced accountants who can prepare what you need all year round.

Tax season is a crucial time for all businesses. Preparing and submitting financial reports for the previous year to the tax office on or before the “tax day” deadline is a must.

It’s clear that the financial aspects of your business should always be taken seriously. That’s why assigning a financial expert to manage your business’ finances is essential. 

However, some business owners only recognize the value of their accountant at tax time. Little do they realize that their finances (and taxes) would be in a much better state if they had a great accountant working by their side throughout the entire year.

This is also why so many businesses have outsourced accounting services. They found that outsourcing their finance and accounting functions can grow their capacity and streamline their business processes.

Hiring accountants is not an extravagance, accountants are your reliable business advisors 

Business owners may choose not to hire a full-time accountant because they believe that the cost is just not worth it. They think that it’s more cost-effective to manage their finances on their own throughout the year or rely on the assistance of a lesser-qualified part-time bookkeeper.

It may be normal for you to feel like your business is “just not big enough” to justify having a full-time accountant on board. Others may even deem it as more practical to allocate their already tight budgets for sales and marketing initiatives rather than hiring someone dedicated to managing the books.

This approach is a false economy and it certainly introduces a significant key man risk into the business where all the business knowledge resides on one key stakeholder’s head.

On the other hand, hiring outsourced accountants can help solve your issues when it comes to labor shortages. They can perform a wide range of accounting tasks but also come at a lower rate compared to local staff. Having reliable accountants at your side can help drive the growth and savings that your business needs.

There’s more to accounting than preparing tax returns

The need for an accountant to be integrated into your business can be justified at many different stages of the business. 

  • When you’re just starting up
  • When you’re company is experiencing growth
  • When you’re selling the business
  • When you need to close it down

Your accountant should be with you every step of the way. They enable you to reduce unnecessary expenses and instead use your financial resources to invest in strategies that will help your business run in the right direction.

Accountants can help you focus on clients and your key staff on the high-value tasks

As a successful business owner, you very likely have learned how to produce basic financial reports. That’s great. But is doing the books the best use of your precious time? Is it the most appropriate way for you to grow your business? 

With your many and varied responsibilities, it is likely impossible to check every detail when it comes to your business’ money matters. This is where an accountant comes in. By introducing an accounting professional into your business, you get your time back to focus on other business fundamentals and growth.

Accountants can give you the advice you need before you make a major purchase or investment. They can also help you leverage your existing assets and investments. Moreover, they can help you identify root issues when sales are going slow. 

The right choice for finance and accounting outsourcing

Outsourcing accounting roles is one of the fastest and most effective ways for businesses to drive profits and accelerate growth. With Cloudstaff, you can grow your capacity, streamline your processes, and extend your billable hours.

Cloudstaff allows you to get the support you need at a fraction of the cost of hiring your accountant locally. We have accounting and finance specialists, as well as CPAs who can be with you throughout your business life cycle, not just at tax time. You can also reallocate your time to shifting to the more important, revenue-generating levers in your business. 

Consulting an accountant only during tax season doesn’t guarantee you lower taxes and higher tax returns. It is the proper ongoing management of your business finances throughout the year that will make tax time smooth and your overall financial health better.

To know more about how outsourcing accounting tasks can help your business, connect with one of our outsourcing specialists today.

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