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Roles You Can Outsource for Your Travel Business

The travel industry is one of the sectors that have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. The flights were canceled, the borders closed, and the destinations were empty. But people’s desire to travel never wavered.

Now that the travel restrictions are almost non-existent, the world is coming back to normal. Can your travel agency keep up with the demand?

In the early months of 2022, the number of international tourists visiting a particular destination doubled compared to the previous year. It’s predicted to get better from there. This impressive increase indicates a significant boost in global tourism. 

Although it promises a good future for the recovery of the tourism industry, the challenge for the travel agencies now is how they reinvent themselves to meet the ever-changing needs and expectations of travelers.

While tourism and travel firms’ main focus is ensuring unforgettable journeys for their clients, managing other areas of their business can often become overwhelming. But there is a strategy out there that lets you access your travel firm’s untapped potential.


What are the benefits of outsourcing for your travel business?

  • You can take advantage of time zone differences and provide 24/7 unmatched services to your clients.
  • Maximize expertise and technology you may not have in-house.
  • It is a cost-cutting tool that can save you at least 70% of traditional hiring.
  • It gives you flexibility and scalability – especially in times of environmental and economic unpredictability like the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • It helps you save time, allowing you to focus on your core competencies.
  • It allows you to go beyond geographic boundaries and tap into high-performing professionals you may be struggling to find in your local area and can help you handle your business functions in a more efficient way.

Roles you can outsource for your travel agency

Back office

Travel and tourism often involve a lot of administrative work, such as travel paperworks and flight and accommodation bookings management. Through outsourcing, you can keep up with the seasonal fluctuations in travel demand. All while streamlining your operations, keeping your existing free from burnout, and maintaining excellent service.

A reputable outsourcing provider can offer you a wide range of back office services, like email management, data entry, appointment scheduling, calendar coordination, and general administrative support.

Finance and accounting

One of the biggest mistakes you don’t want to make is to put your tourism business in a poor financial position. You need accounting and financial professionals who can handle your bookkeeping, budgeting, tax compliance, and financial reporting.

When your travel business’s finance area is in capable hands, you’re more confident to make well-informed decisions backed by accurate financial data.

Call center

It’s becoming increasingly common for travelers to look for unique and personalized travel experiences. But when you’re faced with a high volume of phone calls, especially during peak travel seasons, it can be quite a challenge if you don’t have enough people to handle them all.

The rates and special deals you’re compelled to offer during busy seasons further add to the number of calls you receive. It’s important to tackle this right away to ensure smooth operations and customer satisfaction.

When you outsource your customer service, you can take advantage of the time zone difference to operate 24/7. A good customer support means your clients can reach you anytime of the day so you can immediately give them the service they deserve.

Digital marketing

Another area of your travel business you don’t want to neglect is digital marketing. Travelers around the world have heavy social media presence, so should you. You need professional marketing staff who can take care of your firm’s online visibility.

Compelling photos, copy, and high SEO ranking is vital for your company’s success. If your tourism agency’s content is inviting and well-optimized, travelers are more likely to choose your service over your competitors’. 


Almost all businesses these days rely on technology, travel and tourism is no different. And it has been especially accelerated during the pandemic. Travelers enjoy the convenience of booking flights, tour packages, and accommodations with their fingertips using their smartphones or computers.

Obtaining the necessary technology in-house and hiring the right people for this is too pricey for many small and medium-sized enterprises. The right outsourcing partner has enterprise-grade technology that you can maximize to gain a competitive edge and the right IT professionals ready to work with you.

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