Why You Need 24/7 Customer Service

The internet has created a culture of online businesses being open at all hours. While your team may only work normal operating hours, your customers expect you to be available when and where they are.  But how can you meet customer service expectations without exhausting your resources?

If your business centers around customer service, only being available during normal operating hours isn’t enough.  To protect your business reputation and ensure customer loyalty continuity, you must give customers the service and support they expect – even if it’s way past your regular business hours. 

Providing round the clock customer service might be daunting at first, but with outsourcing it’s absolutely within your business’s capabilities. To help keep your customers happy and ensure that you’re not missing out on potential sales, here are some tips you should follow:

Don’t keep customers waiting

Don’t like waiting to buy the products you want or get the answers you need? Neither do your customers. Being unavailable could mean losing a customer to your competitors. It’s vital to your business to be there when, where and how customers want to communicate with you – especially if there’s an issue with their purchase. 

Making your customers feel valued is critical to your brand’s reputation. Responding quickly to their customer service queries is the ideal way to promote satisfaction with your service – even if you’re dealing with issues. In return for rapid response, you potentially gain their loyalty. Win!

Extend your business hours

Customer service doesn’t end with your business hours. Issues might arise at 2:00 am when your team is already fast asleep or on a weekend while you’re enjoying a well-deserved break.

Customers don’t care if it’s 2:00 in the morning. They expect you to be available day or night, week day or weekend.. If they’re interested in your products or need help with a query, being available to them at their convenience is paramount..

Remember, your competitors are always available, and if you’re not you’re potentially sending customers their direction. Extending your operating hours may be challenging or expensive if doing it locally. Outsourcing can help navigate these overheads by providing support at all hours at a fraction of local recruitment and staffing costs.

Customer service outsourcing with Cloudstaff

Be available when your customers need you by operating round the clock. Outsourcing enables your business to take advantage of time zones in different countries to provide exceptional customer service without impacting your bottom line.

With a talent pool featuring thousands of qualified candidates, we have the staff you need to achieve success. Contact our team today to find out more.

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