3d printer

3D print your ideas

We are used to transforming our ideas into a visual representation that only lies on our computer screens or on a piece of paper. But today, ideas could already be seen and touched exactly the way we imagined them!

Our Cloudstaffers recently attended a 3D printing workshop at our eNtec 2 office (CRK06) facilitated by PuzzleBox3D’s Application Engineer, Mr Jan Abesamis and Sales Manager, Mr Svenstern Cu. PuzzleBox3D, Philippines’ official distributor for Ultimaker and Formlabs 3D printers, visited us to introduce the Ultimaker 2+ 3D printer and to teach our staff the essentials—proper unboxing, setting up, printing, cleaning, and everything in between.

3d printer

It’s an awesome experience for Cloudstaffers to try 3D printing. Still, we wanted more than just a one-day workshop; we wanted a further and continuous exploration of the amazing power of 3D printing. As a result, Cloudstaff availed a unit of Ultimaker 2+ which the staff can use to print anything they can think of and anything they can design on the supported 3D modelling software.

This is how we cope up with the rapidly changing world and the need for continuous growth and development. Ultimaker 2+ might not be directly relevant to the outsourcing industry now, but it can help fuel the creativity of our staff.

We have already printed out cool stuff like the Batman figure, mini Batmobile, Darth Vader figure, and a replica of a Formula 1 race car. While most of the first printouts were downloaded online, Cloudstaffers are now working on their original creations. In fact, they were able to make prototypes of a phone stand and a monitor-mounted headphone hanger embossed with the Cloudstaff logo.

Cloudstaff is breaking the limits with Ultimaker 2+. We are turning our great ideas into amazing 3D reality.

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