Cloudstaff Employee Retention Rate - 99 & Feeling Fine!

Cloudstaff maintains 99% staff retention rate

Cloudstaff is very proud to announce that we have been maintaining a staff retention rate of over 99%.


In the BPO industry, employee retention is often an issue. Typical retention rates range between 50-80% depending on the tasks performed.

As an employer, these numbers are far from desirable. As you are aware, it means more recruiting, more training, more costs and less productivity!

Cloudstaff have always enjoyed great staff retention because we have invested heavily in programs and activities designed to foster personal and professional growth while providing a really enjoyable workplace.

Great staff are critical to the success of any business, and while some might consider our benefits programs and events a little excessive, we don’t. Our staff are worth it.

At Cloudstaff, we maintain high staff retention rate by taking good care of our employees. Here are some good reads.

  • Should you care about the working conditions of your offshore employees?
    The overall work environment impacts staff engagement and retention, and if your staff are subjected to poor working conditions, they are likely to display low levels of engagement. This can display itself as decreased productivity, delayed projects, and low staff retention rates.
  • A First Class Lounge for Staff
    Cloudstaff offers the First Class lounge as a part of its commitment to health and productivity in the workplace. We have seen first-hand how a short rest improves staff’s performance and retention rate. It benefits the staff, the company, and our clients. 

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