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Second Batch of Aspiring Leaders Training

Cloudstaff always believe that investing in training is essential, thus, we have created a dedicated Training Department to fulfill the development and advancement needs of our Cloudstaffers.

One of the training programs that Cloudstaff takes pride in is the Aspiring Leaders Training Program which is designed to guide the staff on their journey in becoming an effective leader. This program has been successful; in fact, we have already produced two batches of graduates from the course — Cloudstaffers who are equipped with proven management skills and techniques, and we can proudly say that they are all set to lead their own teams anytime soon.

After six weeks of training, comprising of lectures, discussions, reflections, researches and assignments, the second batch of aspiring leaders completed the course and graduated this 27 September 2017.

NOC Engineer, Arvin, shared his training experience and some of his learnings:

“The leadership training has just concluded and it was nothing but a learning curve and experience all throughout — I did not realize there were so many management skills, formulas in handling staff and ways in dealing team issues to reach a common goal.

Honesty is very important in the team, it builds trust between team members which is the foundation of any harmonious relationship. When this is established, all things follow and eventually leads the team to success. Being a leader does not mean you’ll only give directions and wait for results while your subordinates are working hard, it means leading by example and displaying fervent support. It only takes mental toughness to be a bad manager but it requires great passion and extreme dedication in serving the people you lead. Sure, it will not be as easy as we might think (nothing is, by the way) but people are worth it.

To aspiring leaders like me, congratulations and I sincerely hope that we instill what we saw, heard and felt deep within our cores.”

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the people who made this successful program possible — our CEO/Founder, Lloyd Ernst; Vertical Internet Media’s CEO/Leadership Training Facilitator, Wayne Bucklar; and Cloudstaff’s Professional Development Training Specialist, Mary Grace Ignacio.

Congratulations to all Aspiring Leaders Training graduates! We know that you will all go a long way and we look forward to the next batches of leaders.


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