Leadership Training

Is there a secret to great leadership?

The debate between the premise that “leaders are born, not made” versus “leaders are made, not born” has existed for quite a long time. Cloudstaff has its own impressive answer to this puzzling discussion.

Cloudstaff recently conducted the third batch of Aspiring Leaders training which is founded on developing the leadership skills of its staff. More than twenty Cloudstaffers attended the training which helped them understand how to transcend the present boundaries they have to become an effective leader.

The training ran for six weeks and has been life-changing for the participants as shared by Tabetha, one of the attendees. The topics discussed included types of leadership styles, and the qualities needed to become a leader. Hands-on exercises were also provided.  These gave further insight into and appreciation for the skills taught to those present.

The course was conducted by Mr Wayne Bucklar, CEO of Vertical Internet Media (VIM) with the assistance of Ms Mary Grace Ignacio, Training Manager of Cloudstaff.

The topic is complex, and it was taught comprehensively.  Wayne made sure that the participants were kept interested and engaged.

Quoting Tabetha’s words, “I’ve learned that leadership is not about fancy titles, having a high position or great status; it’s about inspiring others. It’s about influence and making a positive impact. I believe that one must have courage, passion, empathy, and character.”

Indeed, becoming a leader does not just happen in the blink of an eye. You have to grow and step up your skills. More than that, one must not stop improving the skills he or she has. So, are leaders born or made? Cloudstaff believes that we all have innate leadership characteristics, needing only enhancement and commitment to develop impressive leaders.

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