CS Carnival - Cloudstaff parties

A Cloudstaff experience: Much more than just a party

Cloudstaff parties are a way to reward our hard-working staff for an incredible year. It is a chance to get together, relax, enjoy world-class entertainment

If you have ever attended one of our events (or hosted a party of your own with over 4,000 guests) you will understand how hard it can be.

Entertainment, prizes, food, venues—costs add up quickly and there is so much work to do, but we consider our staff events an essential part of our corporate culture.

An “Only@Cloudstaff” experience

While we are a big company, we are a very close family. These events are an opportunity to strengthen and create new relationships, promote collaboration, cooperation and communication within the organisation. We get to know each other and spend time creating meaningful and lasting relationships.

Rex Quiambao, an Accounting Officer in a construction company based in Sydney, has finally driven home the 2019 Honda Jazz 1.5 V CVT after winning at Cloudstaff’s grandest year-end party.

Awesome parties are a part of Cloudstaff DNA. We want to provide every Cloudstaffer with a great experience they won’t forget; we want to give them something special, something unique, something that they can’t buy, something that they can share, something that makes them feel special, something that says, “Thank you for being a Cloudstaffer”.

Ok, that is great for the staff, but how do you keep the accountants happy?

It is true that we spend a bit of money on these events, but we make the most of every dollar we spend. We do a lot of the work in-house. We have a great team of talented staff who work hard to create these incredible events for a fraction of what it would cost to engage a production company.

Our event management team coordinates with our creative, multimedia, accounts and marketing teams to produce almost everything you see, and of course our amazing DJs from Cloudstaff radio keep the crowd excited, entertained and ensure the event stays on schedule.

Cloudstaff has worked very hard to balance the costs of our retention and engagement programs and the resulting benefits for our customers. It turns out that that cost of our retention programs results in overall savings for the customer.

These events result in our industry-leading staff retention, very low absenteeism, and staff who are very loyal to their customers. We see positive outcomes across the entire workforce, including high morale, better job satisfaction, less sick days, very loyal staff, a nurturing and positive workplace and staff who go up and beyond what is expected.

Our culture has also positioned Cloudstaff as a very desirable place to work. Because of this, we attract and keep the best staff in the talent pool. Having access to highly skilled staff is vital to maintaining quality outcomes for customers and adds tremendous value to the overall outsourcing experience.

All of these things are a part of our “#1 Workforce” strategy, incredibly valuable to employers and a lot of fun for the rest of us.  

CS Carnival - Cloudstaff parties

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