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CS Outdoor Group’s adventure to Sitio Nabuklod

“When you give something, you receive something more.” That is what our Cloudstaff Outdoor Group has proven on their recent adventure to Sitio Nabuklod.

The heavy rain didn’t dampen the spirit of our CS Outdoor Group for their love of hiking and their will to give is stronger than any rain. Aside from fulfilling one of their “#travelgoals”, the group made their way to Sitio Nabuklod, Floridablanca to reach out to our native brothers and sisters residing there.

They personally delivered their donations such as clothes, food, and toys to the community. As it suits the rainy weather, they also cooked delicious creamy sopas (soup) to warm the tummies of everyone. And the most exciting part was the boodle fight where they got to eat together native-style — eating using their bare hands on banana leaves.

Although the long way plus the rain made the journey difficult and tiring, that did not make it less than amazing. Every step and every sweat was worth it because aside from the mesmerizing view that they have witnessed, the pure joy and gratefulness of the people is incomparable.

One of the official members of the group, Edralyn Bulanadi, shared her experience:

“The experience we had from the outreach done at Sitio Nabuklod was indeed great. My heart was filled with joy and gratefulness as I see the smiles shining from the faces of our native brothers and sisters. Even though things did not go as we have originally planned, still, God did not fail to amaze us with His wonderful creation. What we saw and what we experienced are surely treasures to be kept.”

Giving is more that just the donations, it is about giving away a part of your heart; sharing not only the material things that you have but the things that money can’t buy like effort, time, and most of all, love. That is when you get back more, the sense of fulfillment and the fact that somehow, you have made a change.

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