Stars have never been so close

Stars seem to be beyond reach, but you can have fairy lights and glow sticks in your hands and that works pretty much the same especially when taking photos.

Our Cloudstaff Shutterbugs, a group who is very passionate about photography, organizes monthly events where they can learn and explore more about photography. Recently, they had an Astromeet at the Balen de Angeles in San Fernando, Pampanga where the group collectively learned Astrophotography and light painting photography under the beautiful starry night sky.

They were really amazed by how the stars brightened the sky, but as their photographer instinct kicked in, they knew that simply gazing at them was not enough, and that wonderful sight should definitely be captured. Taking the best shot of the stars became a challenge to the group that night since the moon was in its full state which is contrary to what is ideal, a new moon. It was just until 2:30 am when they were able to get the perfect shot, and yes, it’s worth the wait since the results were astonishing.

Each of them had fun painting with glow sticks in the dark. The photos were magical as colorful lights seem to float in the air. They also made the most out of the dramatic effect of fairy lights and all photos taken are instagrammable, taken from a millennial’s term, or in other words, they are truly brilliant!

This month, the group has an ongoing activity which is the Reflections Challenge. This is an application of what they learned from their past events where the members will create the freshest and most epic photos with the use of water reflection. Included in their upcoming activities is the Portrait Photography training with Jeffrey Capilitan, an esteemed photographer based in Pampanga.

CS Shutterbugs was created with their devotion to learn photography. Soon, this hobby and passion they have will turn into a great skill that can make them shine just like the stars in the sky they used to look up to.

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