Illustration of two men in suits standing on puzzle pieces, shaking hands. It reads: "Cloudstaff Partners with Tech Community to Execute AWS TechCon"

Cloudstaff Partners with Tech Community to Execute AWS TechCon

Cloudstaff has a well-earned reputation for providing clients with access to the best global talent. Did you know we’re also passionate about the culture of technological innovation for a demanding and ever-growing industry?

We aim to help businesses become globally competitive in terms of technology. Our job does not start and end with finding the right professionals for our customers, we also nurture them along the way. 

By providing our tech teams with the technology, tools and resources they need to help expand their software development capabilities, we ensure our customers achieve their goals and maintain peak performance.

Cloudstaff and Amazon Web Services

To foster growth in technology and ensure client development, we partnered with leading tech companies in the Philippines to execute the Amazon Web Services (AWS) TechCon event.

The main goal for this partnership is not just for the consumption of AWS services, but also enable Cloudstaff’s tech teams to build competencies in their platform.

This training event aims to help our IT personnel and developers create, deploy, monitor and secure our apps and other online services within the cloud – all while providing our customers with scalable, cost-effective IT solutions.

The session also introduced various capabilities and opportunities for improving SaaS (Software as a Service) products, ideal for an ever-evolving industry landscape.

The knowledge Cloudstaff’s teams gained about best coding practices and effectively working with a team will help improve performance and efficiency in day-to-day tasks. In addition to learning, they had the chance to network and connect with industry experts from reputable organizations.

Cloudstaff takes pride in delivering the most innovative products, software and services that help businesses of all sizes achieve their goals.

It is well-known that development in the IT industry is never-ending. To keep up with the ever-changing tech, Cloudstaffers should expect more TechCon training events in the future

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