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Cloudstaffers got lovestruck

From being the Number One Workplace in the Philippines, Cloudstaff instantly turned into the Most Loving Workplace during our CS Lovestruck Valentine’s Day celebration.

Every year, Cloudstaff makes the 14th of February an extraordinary day for everyone—regardless of their relationship status. After all, it’s not just for couples and definitely not an occasion that singles should hate.

A brekky treat for all Cloudstaffers in all office locations signalled the start of the special day. Due to their schedules and workloads, it is only in rare chances like this that the whole Cloudstaff can eat simultaneously. The simple breakfast allowed us to witness the true spirit of Valentine’s Day— staff enjoying their meal with colleagues and friends, some are very fortunate to have their significant other and family member in the same building.

The video greeting of our CEO, Lloyd Ernst, was also played on a loop during the whole event. “We prepared this celebration not only for those people who are in a relationship but also for those people who are still happily single,” he said. The CEO even left some pieces of advice for both couples and singles.

Mr Lloyd also took the video greeting as an opportunity to make some “non-love-related” announcements. He introduced the new versions and new features of Cloudstaff mobile apps: the CS Tap 3 with improved load functions, and the updated Rewards app that allows Cloudstaffers to access auctions directly on their mobile phone. He also revealed that Super Auctions will be rolled out soon, as well as the Staff Central and Process Box mobile apps. According to him, these improvements are all part of Cloudstaff’s mobile-first strategy.

Many surprises were already unfolded but it wasn’t yet over for the most-wanted boss.  Cloudstaffers got totally lovestruck when he popped into each suite of different Cloudstaff offices to personally give his Valentine’s Day presents to everyone. Along with him was our very own guitarist who serenaded the staff with romantic guitar pieces.

Hearts day is one occasion we love to celebrate, but what makes this day more special is the extraordinary efforts of our CEO in showing how much every one of us is loved and valued. It was truly a happy Valentine’s Day for us at Cloudstaff!

Watch the highlights of our CS Lovestruck event and we’ll make you feel that love is really in the air.


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