#GetPumped – Cloudstaffer sent to Sydney by All Pumps

RamL, Content Writer II at All Pumps, was sent to Australia for training and to get to know more about the nature of the business.

3 hours on the road, 5 hours waiting at the airport, and 8 hours on the plane. That’s a total of 16 hours, and that’s how long it takes to get to Australia from my home in Angeles City.


Chardonnay, Chicken Inasal, and Carrot Bread, care of Qantas Airline 😉

It’s my first time travelling alone, so I was extremely terrified. The moment I was off the plane I immediately turned my phone on and used the mobile data to try to figure things out. In the one hour I was at the Sydney Airport (researching travel methods and going through customs and the like), I grew confident enough to decide to take the train to my hotel room.


The trains around Sydney are double deckers!

Lugging my suitcase around, I had no trouble navigating the various train lines through the city. There were a few times that I’d get lost at the stations but thanks to the kindness of strangers, I was able to reach my hotel in just under an hour. Suffice to say, I was instantly in love with the efficiency of Sydney’s public transportation and the view outside my room.


My own personal view of the Parramatta.

Speaking of efficiency, the uncongested roadways allowed me to reach the All Pump’s office in just thirty minutes. My first day at the office was fairly lax as I was introduced to the team and brought around our warehouse and our office.


Green Open Spaces and Quiet Rooms.

The second day was when the work really began. I had the chance to work directly with many different people – Sales, Marketing, Web, Creatives, and Engineering; you name it, I worked with them. It was a difficult work, but it was very fulfilling.

At one point in the week, we even attended the 2017 foodpro. As part of the budding marketing arm of All Pumps, I worked with existing members of the team to increase our capabilities. Come Friday, we were able to create a new video covering the event.


See the video here:

This was something we’ve never done before in All Pumps – creating video content internally. Everyone was excited when they saw the video and because of that, it was decided that we will be expanding our marketing capabilities even more!

After a tiring but fulfilling work week, I took the chance to visit the city. As I only had the weekend, I was able to visit the following places:

GetpumpedIt was during the weekend that I realized just how beautiful, multi-cultural, clean, and organised Sydney really is. It quickly grew to be one of my favorite cities in the world. By weekend’s uhm… end, my body was aching from so much walking and sightseeing that the moment I got home to my apartment, I practically passed out.

By the second week of my stay in Australia, the client decided to bring me along to client meetings. It was to give me greater knowledge of our services.


Visiting my client’s customers.

Hitching a ride with one of our sales guys, we drove around visiting the many different industries being served by All Pumps. I was able to see loads of factories of all different types, and seeing the scope of our company did give me better understanding of All Pumps.

The second week went by way faster than the first, and before I knew it, it was time to go…


Thanks for the memories!

During my last week at the office, I had more time to bond with my coworkers, meet our web developer, and was also able to work with the team to come up with a content plan, a marketing proposal, and acquire a budget for the expansion of our marketing capabilities.


Daily Free Lunch. Goodbye, my delicious friend!

It was a hard goodbye. 30 minutes on the road to the airport, 3 hours of waiting at the airport, 7 and a half hours on the plane, and 4 hours of Edsa traffic. That’s a total of 15 hours of travelling. 15 whole hours and I was finally back home.

Thank you All Pumps. Thank you Cloudstaff. This was truly a once in a lifetime experience. Sure, travelling consumed 31 hours of my life, but I’d gladly give a hundred hours just to get back to the land down under again.

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