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Ernst’s Cup 2018: Cloudstaff’s Survival of the strongest

Ernst’s Cup 2018 will officially kick off next month. Eleven teams will come together to showcase their strength in basketball starting this April.

Ernst’s Cup 2018 was held at Remedian Basketball Court, which was filled with resounding and heart-pounding noises as aspiring basketball enthusiasts attended the draft pick event to demonstrate their skills in hopes of joining one of our amazing teams. The players put their game faces on and exhibited their skills from dribbling to shooting.

Existing team players were on the lookout. They thoroughly analysed every move of those who joined the match-ups. Team captains were impressed and they had no time to lose; they quickly had to choose their personal selection of who will join their dream teams.

It was not an easy task since everyone who joined the activity is skillful and talented. All in all, there will be eleven teams competing starting next month — Mighty Ducks in yellow, maroon for the Wolves, Falcons in gray, green Vipers, OptiBPO Blue Tongues, Wild Cats in red, gold for Fitness Passport Stallions, Digital Central Tamaraws in black, white Tiger Sharks, Jackals in orange, and violet to represent the Raptors.

The Makati and Ortigas team (Red Wild Cats) will play an exhibition game after the opening ceremonies.

Watch out for the official matches next month and support your favourite teams. See you there!

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