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Nothing beats purpose

Google has recently announced some interesting updates to the Google Assistant for which aid users with their day-to-day tasks.

Google Assistant is now capable of continuing conversations. Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, described his vision of Google Assistant feeling flawless to the end user. As a result, the device is employing more and more natural language algorithms to achieve this goal. To date, Google’s virtual assistant has been working well.

One of the great things in the latest update sees Google Assistant encouraging children to use good manners. It aims to better educate kids to be polite by saying the words “please” and “thank you” before and after making requests. It’s a simple way to teach kids to be less demanding while imprinting polite behaviours into everyday conversations.

Moreover, Google Assistant can now make phone calls on behalf of users. You may have already seen the amazing demonstration on youtube where Google Assistant was able to ring a hairdressing salon and carry on a conversation about scheduling a hair appointment. It even confirms that the appointment works for the user by examining the user’s calendar in the background while the conversation is in flight.

What’s powering this new robo-conversation paradigm is the Google Duplex Artificial Intelligence platform. Google said during the Google I/O opening keynote that the Duplex portion of Google Assistant would launch in the “coming weeks” as a beta. Yet, not much else is known about the exact timing or any limitations and restrictions at this time.

Is it ethical?

The ethics debate kicked off almost immediately after the demonstration. Some argue it’s a fantastic advancement, while others say that there must be transparency in announcing that the conversation is being initiated by an artificial intelligence (AI).

There’s no doubt that innovation in the artificial intelligence space is advancing quickly. From Google’s perspective, their goal is to “build a personal Google experience for each and every user.”

Here at Cloudstaff, we love building great tools and services for our global client base and the development of innovative technologies will shape the future of the outsourcing industry. We create “better conditions, better services, and better experiences.”

We plan on experimenting with the Google Duplex technology as soon as it is released so that we can understand it better. There is a distinct potential for Google Assistant to influence the BPO industry in several ways. For this reason, we are keeping an active watch on this technology and we are keen to learn from it as fast as we can.


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