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Aspiring leaders to great leaders

The fourth batch of aspiring leaders has completed their leadership course recently. Their coach who is a technologist and a speaker, Wayne Bucklar, imparted to them some essential lessons on leadership and its types, different leadership styles, power, and emotional intelligence among others.

“Learning about leadership does not begin and end in classrooms; classroom training is only a part of the many aspects of leadership and is just one of the many ways that Cloudstaff helps its employees to demonstrate leadership skills in the workplace.” —Lloyd Ernst, Cloudstaff CEO

The Aspiring Leaders Training is regularly conducted by Cloudstaff’s dedicated Training and Professional Services team, primarily aimed to guide Cloudstaffers the essence and practice of leadership. It is a bi-weekly experiential training that runs for six weeks where participants learn and enhance their leadership skills through discussions and hands-on activities.

According to Ramil, one of the Aspiring Leaders graduates, “It was a fun learning experience. I had to sacrifice two hours of family time, but it was worth it with all the knowledge that I can keep as long as I am alive.”

He also mentioned that the best part for him is the emotional intelligence topic. It was discussed that a leader should never let his temper get out of control. “As the team leader of Lead Generation Team, I have already been in a situation which tested my ability to control my emotions. That particular lesson did help me to manage my emotions and understand those of my team members,” he said.

It doesn’t matter whether the attendees remembered all the terms discussed or not, what we aim is for them to apply what they learned into their lifestyle and on the way, they manage their team as well as on how they deal with people in general.

“We may not grasp all the information during the course but one important factor is the right behaviour to act upon a situation as a leader.” From all the abundant knowledge, this is one of the most remarkable takeaways he got from Wayne.

Aspiring Leaders Training is not merely teaching staff to become leaders, it is guiding them to have the attitude of a genuine leader—inspiring people, having a clear vision, keeping things simple, being consistent, and thinking positively.


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