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Do Cloudstaff Customers Visit the Philippines?

Most definitely, Yes! Customers all the way from Australia can visit any time.

Cloudstaff provides assistance in accommodation and even assigns you a chaperone to help you around.

We recommend and we encourage customers to come and spend some time with their team, especially during the initial kick off phase where you can come and spend even a few days or a week doing the onboarding and the training and getting everything up and running. We then find customers will come and visit evCloudsery quarter or every 6 months depending on what their schedule is like. But it really does makes a difference if you’re able to come and spend some time with the team. So to make that as easy as possible for our customers we provide all the accommodation, we look after you with someone from the house to be able to chaperone you around. Everything is taken care of, you just come here, focus on getting the job done and we look after all of the rest.


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