A woman holding a tablet. She is using Cloudstaff Tap

Cloudstaff Tap App; Easy Access With Just One Tap

Cloudstaff (CS) constantly finds ways to make work and life easier for its employees. One of the ways it does this is by its newly released phone app called the “Cloudstaff Tap”.

Its concept is to make it easier for Cloudstaffers to report problems and malfunctions in the system: like Logging technical jobs (e.g. hardware and/or software malfunction occurred), sending in sick requests/leaves, plus a bunch of other Cloudstaffer perks (like beer day and free lunch day).

CS CEO Lloyd Ernst introduced the “Cloudstaff Tap” concept in the highly appreciated and talked about Christmas Rock Party last December 12, 2015. Besides the app Cloudstaff also embraces another concept in the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), which gives its staff the freedom to use their gadgets since free WIFI is given and is available for use.

Surely, this is power at one’s fingertips! Available for Android and IOS users.

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