Cloudstaff Commitment to the Community

The Cloudstaff’s Social Responsibility and Commitment to the Community

A key ingredient in achieving sustainable growth in the society is to be committed to a broader ambition for the good of everyone and the upcoming generations.

A recently conducted survey revealed that the world is facing several different challenges right now. Topping the list of the world’s critical problems is about climate change, but currently, there are a number of movements being done by companies to protect the environment. There are measures being accomplished to eliminate the impact of these serious issues affecting the world today.

Another growing concern is lack of access to quality education. As there are companies that are doing something significant for the environment, there are also a number of organisations battling this worldwide concern about education. On the same note, Cloudstaff is tackling the area consisting of educational challenges and committing to ensure inclusive and equitable education for everyone. There are millions of children in the world that remain out of school, and in line with our commitment to our corporate social responsibility in helping the community, we initiated several activities that can nourish the educational needs of our young people and reach their potential in the end.

Cloudstaff has been spearheading Back to School Donation Drives, college tours, internship, and even series of training to equip our today’s generation of talented people with the necessary knowledge and skills like those of how they can ace their job applications, get ready for the corporate world, and to familiarise themselves on the business environment they would soon become a part of. Moreover, there are also sponsorships being awarded to schools during special events and celebrations.

The Back to School Donation Drive being conducted is a collaboration between Cloudstaff and all of its staff. It is part of supporting the educational system and taking part in the global effort to promote access to education.

Cloudstaff also conducts training where fresh graduates can freely join as we wanted these individuals to develop a successful career. More than that, the Number 1 Workplace is into promoting lifelong opportunities for all ensuring continuous growth and development of our current and future workforce.

Further, as we give emphasis, particularly, on technology and development, we help to expand the expertise of these talented individuals making them competitive in the workplace. Through our corporate social responsibility activities, we at Cloudstaff are trying to address key issues by supporting the educational needs of the youth which can generally make an impact in the long run.

Certainly, Cloudstaff is committed into investing its resources to communities in order to build a stable, capable, and robust society.

We continue to expand our community programs and have a team dedicated to managing our local charities. We are humbled that, in some small way, we have had a positive impact on the communities where we work.

To know more about our social responsibility and community programs, click here.

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