Cloudstaff Christmas Year end Party Winner

Just in time for Christmas

Rex Quiambao, an Accounting Officer in a construction company based in Sydney, has finally driven home the 2019 Honda Jazz 1.5 V CVT after winning at Cloudstaff’s grandest year-end party. Just in time for Christmas!

The recent CS Carnival has been truly much more than just a party. Cloudstaffers and guests had an incredible time to get together, relax, and enjoy a whole night filled with world-class entertainment. What made it more special was that someone’s Christmas wish was granted in an instant.

Feeling both surprised and overwhelmed, Rex was totally speechless up on stage as they announce him as the grand prize winner.

“It was awesome because I was really hoping I can buy a Honda Jazz soon, or maybe in the near future… I really wanted a Honda Jazz for myself.”

Rex has been with Cloudstaff for almost four years. He was not expecting anything that night. He simply came to have fun and enjoy the moment with his friends and workmates. But being the luckiest man during our year-end party, he ended up on stage, and eventually winning the car he dreamt of having.

He is incredibly grateful to our CEO, Lloyd Ernst, for giving everyone the opportunity to have fun and enjoy an awesome year-end celebration. He truly appreciates the effort of the whole Cloudstaff Events Team for taking care of everything.

The whole event was a proof of Cloudstaff’s dedication to balance both work and enjoyment, resulting in successful employee retention that benefits our customers.

We always see positive outcomes out of events like the year-end party. Our Number 1 Workplace strategy is a testament to how much Cloudstaff values all of its staff. It seems a lot of fun for the rest of us, but such is extremely valuable to our customers.

Indeed, CS Carnival is not just about winning amazing prizes or making someone’s dream come true. It is a gift that the company gives to everyone in the Cloudstaff family—a gift just in time for Christmas after a whole year of hard work.


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