Miguel is back to Sydney!

In this modern world where changes happen faster than the blink of an eye, companies should make intensive efforts to cope up with these changes. And that’s what Cloudstaff does — continuously providing the staff with growth and development opportunities.

Cloudstaff, with the full support of its customers, allows staff to grow by providing training in-house or even overseas.

Miguel Manarang is one favored Cloudstaffer to have experienced this. He was sent to Sydney for the second time by his client, Genesis Financial Partners, to undergo a two-week training regarding a transition in the company’s platform.

As expected, training in Australia is not just a training in Australia. Miguel took advantage of this rare chance to enjoy the beautiful places of the city such as the Bondi Beach, Taronga Zoo, and the Circular Quay. He also experienced a ferry ride overseeing the Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

Surely, Miguel will come back with new knowledge and improved skills from the training and with the fun memories that are worth treasuring.

Growth and development is one of the reasons Cloudstaffers love Cloudstaff. We value the importance of continuous learning because it is the fuel that keep our staff’s fire burning.

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