Real Estate Outsourcing

Why outsource your Real Estate tasks? Why not!

Roles in a modern real estate agency range from time-consuming tasks with little margin to those that are highly profitable. Want to focus on what makes your firm money and let someone else handle the heavy lifting? Many businesses outsource real estate tasks – lets discuss why this is the ideal solution for many.

Did you know… You’ve been outsourcing your entire life and haven’t even realised it? That’s right. Everyone outsources and has done so for centuries.

Just today, you’ve probably outsourced baking the bread to make your morning toast, your car repair, your road construction and most likely, the fabric weaving and sewing required to create that lovely ensemble that you’re wearing right now.

Outsourcing is the solution to get time-consuming tasks done quickly and efficiently – by experts in their field.

Why businesses outsource real estate functions

Outsourcing is part of the global economy

Each of us does a bunch of things that we are pretty great at. We then use the money we make to purchase all the things we can’t do ourselves—from dairy and doughnuts to dry cleaning and dog washing.

Real Estate is no different

Today’s real estate roles include a vast range of tasks. Some are big while others are small. Some are difficult while others are easy. Some tasks are highly profitable while others are low margin – but they’re all necessary to success

The higher-value tasks require onshore staff, such as meeting vendors and landlords, pitching listing presentations, attending inspections and building relationships with your current and future customers.

Then there are other tasks that are overly time-consuming for your local team, such as chasing up contract details and late rents, renewing and lodging paperwork, scheduling repairs and maintenance, performing property research reports, booking inspections, marketing and filing reports.

Sound relatable? You’re not alone. If you can relate to this, it simply means that your firm could profit from outsourcing. It’s also a sign that the tedious-but-necessary work continues to bog down your existing team – keeping them from focusing on the more profitable tasks.

It’s not just Outsourcing 101, it’s MBA 101 too. Outsourcing low margin, repetitive and highly distracting tasks will free you up to create the best, most efficient, effective and professional you that’s possible and at the same time,a more efficient, effective and profitable Real Estate firm.

Does outsourcing take jobs away from local professionals?

Global businesses have been outsourcing for decades. Take Apple for example. They outsource many manufacturing processes and make turnaround time faster. 

When you include outsourcing in your business strategy, it can help you with repetitive, time-consuming and distracting tasks. An offshore team of virtual real estate assistants can help make the best use of your business capital. You can make significant impacts to your company’s EBITDA , which in turn helps to fund your onshore business growth.

From well-known phone manufacturers to global real estate offices, the world is certainly profiting from outsourcing. They are seizing the opportunity to optimise a country’s competitive advantage—be it agriculture, manufacturing, software programming or shipping—to achieve their goals better, faster, or even cheaper than they could at home.

Outsource real estate functions with Cloudstaff

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