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April 2019

Happy clients aren’t enough—they need to be raving fans


Every business seeks total customer satisfaction. But if you want your business to soar to greater heights, you can’t just leave your clients feeling happy and pleased. You need to turn them into loyal enthusiasts. In today’s outsourcing, while you’re thinking about whether your staff are spending their day doing mundane and time-consuming tasks or [...]

Happy clients aren’t enough—they need to be raving fans2019-04-30T11:03:25+08:00

PCI DSS compliance made easy for Cloudstaff customers


Trust is the number one indicator of success in business. When your customers and prospects trust you, they would feel at ease sharing their most intricate information with you. Just recently, Cloudstaff has stepped up its privacy and data security compliance and has received its PCI compliance certificate for the Cloudstaff Vault. The Vault was [...]

PCI DSS compliance made easy for Cloudstaff customers2019-04-19T09:51:31+08:00

Why a back office assistant should be your first hire


In business, there are unsung superheroes that don’t wear the usual capes and costumes, but they are indeed dependable and trustworthy. We recently interviewed some clients who decided to engage their back office needs to Cloudstaff and here’s what they’ve told us: Having a back office assistant is economical for your business Jean-Nicot Nemorin, General [...]

Why a back office assistant should be your first hire2019-04-18T11:49:37+08:00

Cloudstaff CRK08 building sells out


Cloudstaff continues its office expansion to be able to meet the strong outsourcing demands of its customers. Located in SM Clark, Pampanga, the new CRK08 office space is close to residential centres, educational facilities and shops. It is both an optimal location for staff and for visiting clients. Once the 450-seat office space was opened [...]

Cloudstaff CRK08 building sells out2019-04-30T14:16:42+08:00

March 2019

You’re under the aegis of Cloudstaff Vault


As security threats persist, how confident are you that your defence is tough enough to protect your data? The need for robust security of modern businesses has led Cloudstaff to develop an extremely secure working environment called Cloudstaff Vault. The vault is specially designed for customers who perform Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures and those [...]

You’re under the aegis of Cloudstaff Vault2019-03-28T15:59:15+08:00

Stepping up the growth ladder through training


Where do great employees come from? Are they born with innate abilities or are they made through guidance and staff training? As managers or business owners, of course, you want to hire staff who do not only have the required skills and knowledge but must also be able to do the job correctly. But in [...]

Stepping up the growth ladder through training2019-03-27T15:24:44+08:00

The essential business strategy that everyone seems to miss—sleep


How many hours of blissful sleep did you have last night? Everyone seems to be burning the midnight oil to try and create something big. But the truth is, sleepless nights will only lead you nowhere. In today’s fast-paced world, 24 hours isn’t even enough to accomplish everything that needs to get done for the [...]

The essential business strategy that everyone seems to miss—sleep2019-03-21T15:11:49+08:00

Healthy employees promote productivity


A portion of Cloudstaff resources is being invested in health and in creating a fun and healthy work environment for staff. It is our responsibility to ensure that we deliver the best working conditions to our employees similar to those of Western standards. The previous month of February may have primarily been about appreciating our [...]

Healthy employees promote productivity2019-03-19T14:12:07+08:00

A first-class break for staff


Every company values productivity, but they do not always see the correlation between productivity and staff well-being. Cloudstaff has always been committed to work-life balance, that’s why we go all out to provide staff with a fun and friendly workplace. Our offices are furnished with ping-pong and pool tables, PlayStations, and a Nerf arsenal that [...]

A first-class break for staff2019-03-13T14:33:20+08:00

Outsourcing transformation: The cloud is enabling companies to outsource almost any task


In the past, outsourcing was only in the reach of larger enterprises and it was often restricted to process-driven call centre work. Modern technology has removed the restrictions of using outsourced teams to perform much more complex tasks—outsourcing is being enabled by the cloud infrastructure. From the Australian SME’s perspective, it is also the shift [...]

Outsourcing transformation: The cloud is enabling companies to outsource almost any task2019-03-07T15:33:26+08:00

Crawling deeper into SEO


Search engines fascinatingly make our life easier by helping us find almost everything we are looking for, but this wouldn’t be possible without search engine optimisation. To further understand the topic, Cloudstaff’s Web Crawlers club had a series of brown bag sessions hosted by the Cloudstaff Marketing Team. Web Crawlers is a group intended for [...]

Crawling deeper into SEO2019-03-04T14:40:38+08:00

February 2019

Why outsource your Real Estate tasks? Why not!


At least once in your life, you’ve tried outsourcing. Yep, that's right! In fact, most people have been outsourcing successfully their whole life and they’re able to live more efficiently and get more done in a day. Just today, you've probably outsourced your bread baking, your dentistry, your car repair, your road construction, and most [...]

Why outsource your Real Estate tasks? Why not!2019-03-04T14:04:18+08:00
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